How to Check Sentence Structure

Why Do I Need to Check My Sentence Structure?

It is vital to check sentence structure in your writing if you want your reader to be able to understand what you have to say. Poorly structured sentences are not only hard to read they can also pass on the wrong message to your audience. This is why using a sentence checker and corrector online can be so important for your work.

No matter if you are a student looking for a better grade or a business person looking for a positive response from a proposal the quality of your writing will be key. Poor writing will always attract lower grades and is unlikely to persuade others to your line of thinking. But writing perfectly is almost impossible which is why we must always carefully review and correct our work once we have finished our initial draft.

Why Should You Use an Online Tool to Check Sentence Structure?

Knowing how to improve sentence structure is one thing, being able to find where you have done it incorrectly within your writing is another. Most people fail to see even the most blatant of errors within their own writing as they are simply overly familiar with the writing. For most of us proofreading and editing our work can be highly ineffective even if we invest many hours into the work.

Creating error-free writing is next to impossible if we try to do the work alone. But finding someone to check your work for you can be difficult and also just as time-consuming. This is why it is better to turn to an automatic tool to do the work for you.

An auto sentence corrector is not going to get tired of looking at your writing or miss obvious errors that you will keep skipping over. The software will methodically work through your writing to identify any issues that it comes across without missing anything that it is programmed to recognize. This ensures that you will get a quick yet highly comprehensive check of your writing.

What Are the Most Common Sentence Errors?

There are many different ways that you can write and along with it hundreds of different errors that you could make. There are many grammatical rules that must be followed within your writing and getting the structure of your sentences correct is just one part of effective writing. The following are some of the most common issues that are seen with writing:

  • Incorrect sentence structure: the correct structure for writing a sentence is to use the active voice which provides a sentence of the form subject, verb, then object in its simplest form. Many however use the passive form which will place the verb first making it unclear which is the subject and object.
  • Run on sentences: a sentence should, in general, communicate a single idea. Run on sentences are usually lengthy sentences that have two independent clauses that should have been expressed within two separate sentences.
  • Sentence fragments: these are not just short sentences. These are sentences that are missing either the subject or the verb or even both. Our run on and fragment checker will help you to eliminate these forms of errors.
  • Incorrect or mixed tenses: understanding the correct tense within your writing and keeping it consistent within your writing for many can be a real difficulty.
  • Adding “ed” to create the past tense: many that are not native speakers and even those that are will often simply add “ed” to make a verb of the past tense. However, this does not work with all verbs such as drank.

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10 Tips How to Check Sentence Structure

Conducting a grammar and sentence structure check is something that will take you some time if you are to do it well. It is not something that you can simply ignore if you are to get the right results from your writing. The following are some simple tips that will help you to effectively check grammar and sentence structure within your own writing:

  1. Finish all of your revisions first: there is no point on doing a final check of your work if you have a need to revise what you have written. Ensure that your writing is in its final form before you start.
  2. Leave as long as possible between writing and checking: you will find more issues the less familiar you are with the writing.
  3. Make sure that you fully understand the proper sentence structure before you start; subject, verb then object.
  4. Read your writing out loud: poorly written sentences will stand out like a sore thumb when you do this. With devices today it is easy to record your reading and to play it back to listen.
  5. Print the text in larger than normal size: this will make it easier to concentrate on the actual words and sentences as you do your checking.
  6. Mask off adjacent sentences as you work your way through to reduce any distraction to what you are doing.
  7. Read the work in reverse as it will help you to focus better on individual sentences and words within your writing.
  8. Split the work into manageable chunks: if you have a large document to review do not try to do it all in one hit.
  9. Check for specific errors or groups of problems one at a time: do not try to check the writing for everything all in one pass.
  10. Use free tools such as ours to check grammar and sentence structure within your writing as they may find things that you would otherwise miss.

Examples of Incorrect Sentences and How to Correct Them

Whether you will use a corrector Google or our free paragraph checker it will still help you to better understand your writing if you know what a poorly written sentence looks like and how to correct them. The following are a few examples of different sentence structural issues and how they should be fixed:

  • Passive and Active Voice:
  • Passive voice (Incorrect): The exam was cheated on by the student.
  • Active voice (Correct): The student cheated on the exam.
  • Run on Sentences:
  • Incorrect: I got out of bed I ate my cereal.
  • Correct: I got out of bed. I ate my cereal.
  • Sentence Fragment:
  • Incorrect: Shows zero improvement in ball skills.
  • Correct: The player shows zero improvement in ball skills.

Why Use Our Sentence Structure Corrector?

If you are looking for a sentence corrector free online then our document editor free is the one to choose for your work. It can fully check grammar and sentence structure as well as so much more with all of the following advantages:

  • It is free: there are no charges made for using our tools and there are no limits to how many times you will be able to use it or how long your documents should be.
  • It is quick: all you need to do is copy and paste your text into our complex sentence checker and your results will be made available in just a few seconds.
  • It works online: you do not have to download anything which means you can use it from any device 24/7.
  • Real-time checking: you can use our chrome extension to provide you with checking at any time on your device.

Use our professional free tool to check sentence structure and so much more so that your writing will be seen as perfect.