How to Check Sentence for Grammar Online for Free

Why Would You Use a Website to Check Sentence Structure?

Using a simple Google sentence corrector app to check sentence for grammar will help you to ensure that your writing will be of a high standard. Submitting work of a poor standard as a student will see lower grades or even cause writing to be rejected back to you. While in professional writing you may find that your writing is mistrusted and simply not acted on. Using our tool gives you the chance to quickly improve your writing to get better results.

Everyone will make mistakes in their writing it is inevitable. However, finding those mistakes can be next to impossible if you try to check your own writing. By using check sentence structure software you will ensure that many of the issues in your writing that you might have otherwise overlooked will be picked up and corrected.

What Mistakes Do People Commonly Make with Their Writing?

There are many mistakes that people will make when they are writing. Many of which you will not even see as mistakes until someone else highlights them to you. Common mistakes cover areas such as:

  • Poor sentence structure: active voice should be employed within your writing which is ordered with a subject, verb, then object. Using passive voice which puts the verb first should be avoided as it will be unclear who the subject is in the sentence.
  • Poor spelling: while most software packages will be able to pick up most spelling errors they will not always show you when words have been used out of context. Our software will help you to pick up issues such as mixing up similar words such as their and there.
  • Misplaced punctuation: misplacing your punctuation can dramatically change how your work reads and completely change its meaning. Our tool will help you to ensure the correct placement of your punctuation.
  • Copied text: using any form of copied text intentionally or unintentionally can give you serious problems. Our tool quickly identifies any text that may be plagiarized.
  • Poor vocabulary use: often there are significant improvements that can be made to your writing by changing the words you have used for something more appropriate. Our tool will help you to see these possibilities.

How Can You Correct Your English?

Getting correct spelling, proper punctuation and, of course, perfect grammar is key to producing writing that is going to impress. However, it is not something that is easy to achieve through our writing. Often even after many revisions, our writing will still contain some errors. So how do we ensure that our writing is the best that it can be?

Careful proofreading and editing can, of course, help you to find and eliminate any issues with your writing. It will, however, be highly time-consuming and for many not always as accurate as you would like it to be. Using a simple sentence checker such as ours to review the work, however, is quick and highly efficient. It will be able to find any issues that may be present in your writing and can provide you with clear ways to solve the problem.

Examples of Correct and Incorrect Sentence Structure

A sentence will usually have a subject, an action, and an object. It will also usually only cover one specific clause. If the sentence lacks any of these or if they are in the wrong order then it could be hard to understand. The following are some examples of poor structuring of sentences that would be highlighted by our sentence fixer free online:

  • Passive and Active Voice:
  • Passive voice (Incorrect): The kennel was destroyed by the dog.
  • Active voice (Correct): The dog destroyed his kennel.
  • Run on Sentences:
  • Incorrect: I drove to work I worked hard all day.
  • Correct: I drove to work. I worked hard all day.
  • Sentence Fragment:
  • Incorrect: Cannot write effectively.
  • Correct: The student cannot write effectively.

check sentence for grammar online

How Can Our Correct Sentence Checker Online Help You?

Whether you need a sentence correction GMAT tips or to use our online checkers to improve your writing everything you need is right here. Our grammatical sentence checker offers you access to some of the most effective support with improving your writing.

The tools that we provide for you are completely free to use and can be accessed from anywhere in the world 24/7. This means that they are always available to you for use no matter what device you are doing your writing on. There are also no limits at all with regards to the amount of text that you can have checked so you can work on anything from a small essay to a lengthy manuscript.

The tool provides an in-depth review of your writing that will cover many different areas of your writing. This includes all of the following:

  • Grammar: from acting as a compound sentence checker through to checking for more than 400 separate grammar rules our tool will ensure that your grammar is spot on.
  • Spelling: not only does the tool have an extensive extended dictionary that covers many fields it can also identify words that have been incorrectly used within the context of the sentence.
  • Vocabulary: from the overuse of “very” to many other issues our tool will be able to provide you with many options to improve the words used within your writing.
  • Punctuation: the tool will highlight where it feels there may be issues with your punctuation and provide you with options for correcting those errors.
  • Plagiarism: the tool is able to work through the text and compare it to existing works out there to identify if there are any areas that may be copied.

Most importantly our auto correct sentence tool will not just show you where the problems are. It will be able to provide you with options for the actual correction required to fix the issue. You can either accept the suggestions that are made or make alternative changes to ensure that your writing is precisely the way that you want it.

Always use our check sentence structure software so that you can always be sure of the writing of the highest possible quality.