Fix Run ons Faster Than Ever with Run on Sentence Checker

Why Do You Need a Run on Sentence Fixer?

There are many rules that control how we put the English language together. These grammar rules must be followed if our readers are to be able to fully understand what we are trying to communicate. Many people would say: “I still waste a lot of time proofreading my texts, as it’s not so easy to fix my sentence fragment online”. Our free run on sentence checker can help you to eliminate many issues within your writing.

No one is perfect with their writing no matter how skilled they may be. Everyone needs to revise and edit their writing and will need to finish the job with careful proofreading. Writing that is less than perfect will not be as effective as it could be. Essays and papers will get lower grades and professional writing may fail to get the results that you were seeking. By using our professional online sentence checker you can ensure that your writing will be precisely what you need.

How Do You Identify Errors in Your Writing?

To fix grammar mistakes in your own writing will often take many hours of careful proofreading if you want to do it well. Often when you check for run on sentences and other issues in your own writing you will find that you tend to miss errors that would stand out in another’s work like a sore thumb. This is because we are simply too familiar with our own writing and rarely see the issues within it.

Using our run-on sentence checker will help you to find problems easily. The software is not going to get tired or distracted when it checks your writing. Our software tool provides you with reliable reviews of your writing and can identify errors that you would simply miss on your own.

What Are the Main Mistakes People Make?

There are potentially hundreds of different errors that you could make with your grammar. The following are some of the most common that people make:

  • Run on sentences: also known as fused sentences these are sentences that contain two completely separate clauses or ideas that should have been separated as separate sentences. A run on sentence does not have to be an exceptionally long one, although often they can be. Our run on sentence corrector can help you to eliminate issues with this grammar problem.
  • Sentence fragments: a sentence should have a subject and verb, if one of these is missing then it is considered a fragment.
  • Passive voice: there are two voices when we write, passive and active. You should always seek to write in the active voice which will put the subject before the verb. This makes it clear who or what the subject is within your sentence. Passive voice will place the verb first so that it is acting on the subject.

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Samples of Fixing Grammar Issues

Even if you are to check sentence structure online using our tools you will need to still have some idea of how the common problems that you encounter can be fixed. The following are some examples of how issues are corrected:

Correcting a Run on Sentence

  • Example of run on sentence: “The man stalked his prey for over a day he shot it cleanly when he finally got it in his sights.”
  • Corrected: “The man stalked his prey for over a day. He shot it cleanly when he finally got it in his sights.”

Correcting Sentence Fragments

  • Example of a fragment: “Fails to find errors effectively.”
  • Correction: “The student fails to find errors effectively.”

Correcting Passive Voice

  • Example of passive voice: “The car was driven recklessly down the lane by the driver.”
  • Active voice correction: “The driver drove the car recklessly down the lane.”

How Can Our Incomplete Sentence Checker Help You?

We provide you with a free online sentence fragment checker that seeks out and corrects more than 400 different grammar mistakes. It offers you free proofreading of your work that can be accessed from anywhere you need it. The software is accessed online which means you can use it 24/7 from any device without having to worry about making any downloads.

It is totally free no matter how much text you need to check or what subject you are working within. It is simple to use requiring you to just copy and paste the text into the tool to start the process. The algorithms within the software rapidly work their way through your writing to highlight all issues within your writing. This process takes just a few seconds depending on the length of your text.

Once completed you will be able to review the results. The software will suggest the changes that need to be made to correct or improve your writing. You can select the changes that you wish to implement or make alternative changes of your own.

Make use of our free run on sentence checker to correct all issues with your writing to make it more effective for your audience.